Preparing for your mediation.

You have scheduled your mediation and paid the invoice.  What's next?   There is no requirement that you do anything to prepare for mediation.  However, most people find it helpful to do a few things to prepare.

1.  Fill out the Financial Statement.  In divorce mediations, the parties generally exchange all financial information.  In most states, this type of exchange is required.  Before your first session, create a list of important financial information, such as bank and retirement accounts.  In West Virginia, the parties are required to file a Financial Statement, and I recommend that both parties fill this out BEFORE the first mediation session.  You can download a copy of this form here: FINANCIAL STATEMENT

2.  Assemble critical financial records.  You should have  the most recent copy of bank and credit card statements, your mortgage statement, and information about your retirement accounts.

3.  Determine the value of your real and personal property.  While it is not necessary, many people include the following:

  • Lists of personal property in the marital home
  • The value of the vehicles, as determined by or
  • The value of real property.  You could have the house appraised, or use the estimate on
  • Their budget for their two households.

4.  If you have children, you might want to gather costs such as:

  • The amount of day care expenses
  • The amount of their portion of dental and medical insurance
  • Educational expenses.

Finally--attending your mediation!

Simply bring these documents with you to the mediation.  If you need assistance locating our office, CLICK HERE.