Wellness is often associated with eating right and exercising.  Many of us work hard to keep ourselves feeling healthy and able to address life's challenges.  However, wellness is broader than just taking care of our bodies, it involves taking care of  our whole selves.  We need to work hard to create good relationships with our families and co-workers.  We can also focus on reducing the stress in our lives by addressing legal problems in the most productive and less destructive manner possible.

Brenda Waugh works to promote wellness for clients when they have legal problems

Our office will work with you to create wellness in your life.  

  • For clients who have suffered physical injuries, such as a car accident or bicycle accident, we can often help speed your recovery by helping you address your medical bills, lost wages or locate medical providers.  
  • For clients who are suffering through a traumatic injury, such as crime victims, we may help in the recovery by providing educational resources about the judicial processes, restorative justice,  or finding ways cover bills for counseling or medical treatment.  
  • For clients who are embroiled in a difficult conflict with family members, friends or their employer, we may help resolve that conflict through mediation or collaborative law services.  
  • For clients who are worried about their future, our office will work with you in preventative law, such as the preparation of a will or power of attorney or a pre-nuptial agreement.  

Regardless of the nature of your legal problem,  our office focuses on health, wellness and recovery.  Our focus is going to be focusing on you:  what you need and how we can get that for you.