Victims of crimes have many needs.  We work with victims, families, and the community to help address those needs following the wrongdoing.  Most victims of trauma have a need to feel emotionally and physically secure.  I’ve found that many victims want assurance that they know where the offender may is located.  In my final post during crime victim’s rights month, I want to remind victims that we can easily find out whether or not the offender has been arrested or is incarcerated. We can also find information about sex offenders on websites maintained by most states. In this post, I’ll provide the websites for DC and West Virginia. 

To find out if the offender is incarcerated:    

  • In West Virginia you can search for whether or not he or she is in a regional jail here.
  • In West Virginia, once an offender is convicted, he or she may be incarcerated in the state system.  To look for an offender in that system, look here.  
  • For federal crimes including the District of Columbia, If an offender has been charged with a federal crime and is in the federal system, look here.  

Offenders who are required to register as a sex offender upon conviction will appear in public registries.

In West Virginia, the registry is located here.  

 In the District of Columbia, the registry is here.

Remember, victims of crime should register with VINE in their jurisdiction to be sure to receive notice when an offender is released.  Crime victims in West Virginia and the District of Columbia can always schedule a meeting with me, at no cost, to help figure out how to have needs addressed.  Contact me to set that up.