Childrens Rights and Injuries

Children have historically been deprived of many of the rights that adults enjoy. In the last fifty years, those rights have expanded. Children now have rights that are recognized in cases involving abuse or neglect by a parent or in receiving compensation for their injuries.  Our office works with children and their families to protect their fundamental rights. Ms. Waugh has dedicated her legal career to improving the lives of West Virginia’s children.  She has served both Berkeley and Kanawha Counties as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney,  prosecuting offenders charged with  child abuse. Ms. Waugh also served as chairperson of the West
Virginia State Bar Commission on Children  and the Law and was appointed by the West Virginia Supreme Court to serve on two separate committees to work to improve the lives of West Virginia’s children.

If you believe that your child has been injured, has been a victim of a crime or is not receiving the education that he or she deserves, please contact us so that you may fully understand your child's rights and work, within the least adversarial process possible, to obtain the care and attention that you child needs.

To view our free brochure on children's rights, CLICK HERE.  If you would like to receive additional free information about children's rights or children's injuries, please complete this form and we will be happy to email that to you.

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