Q: How can I tell if I need a lawyer?

A: It is difficult to tell when you need a lawyer.  For example, after you have been injured in an accident, it may seem simple and you may think that it would be easier to avoid working with a lawyer.  However, dealing with multiple insurance companies is not simple and only a qualified lawyer may be able to best protect your interests and help you to be able to fully recover.  Contact our office to review your case to help you make this decision.

Q: What is mediation?

A: Mediation is a process where a third party, a neutral, will meet with two parties in conflict and work to see if it is possible for the parties to create their own resolution.  Mediation is generally required by the courts in most civil cases prior to a jury trial and is often required in some family law matters.  


Q: Do crime victims have any rights?

A: Many states have passed laws that give crime victims rights to such things as participation in the proceedings, notice when a person is released from incarceration and reimbursement for medical expenses.  Contact our office to determine your rights. 

Q: How much does it cost to get a divorce?

A: The amount that it will cost to obtain a divorce varies by jurisdiction and the by the issues involved in your case.  However, the most expensive way to approach a divorce is through litigation.  Both mediation and collaborative law have been shown to be less expensive, and result in greater satisfaction in outcome, than litigation.  You may find more information about costs on our blog.