Our office provides both mediation and legal services in the area of insurance disputes.  The disputes may be about any of the following types of insurance.

  • Car insurance.  Auto insurance is required by law and minimum requirements vary state to state.  Most policies cover expenses in case we are liable or responsible for an accident.  Many policies also cover damage to our own vehicles.  Comprehensive policies usually also include Personal Injury Protection (PIP) or medical payments coverage.  This coverage pays medical bills if we are in any auto-related accident.
  • Home owners and renters insurance.  Homeowners and renters insurance coverage both damage to our property, theft or loss of our property and may also cover liability if someone is injured on our property.
  • Health insurance.  Health insurance, may be provided by your employer, obtained privately, or provided through Medicare or Medicaid.  Additionally, some employers provide dental and vision insurance. Conflicts often arise over coverage of conditions or injuries.
  • Life insurance.  Life insurance may be purchased privately or provided by an employer.  Our office has been involved in a number of matters when an insurance company refused to make payments.
  • Other insurance.  Insurance can be purchased for any other significant loss, including travel and pet insurance.

Our clients often contact us when they are having difficulties with insurance companies.  Many of those cases involve claims that the client has made against another person's insurance company, such as in the case of a car accident.  In other situations, clients have been denied coverage on their own policy, such as one recent case where a homeowners policy did not cover damage following a storm.  Other clients contact us because they are confused about how their health insurance may cover medical care following an accident.  All of these situations involve significant legal rights and you may find that you will need the insurance coverage to obtain medical care or repairs.  

Your first meeting with Brenda will always be free in any insurance case. Additionally, in most cases, you will not pay any attorney fees unless we are able to recover from the insurance company for you.

To view our free brochure on insurance and the law, CLICK HERE.  If you would like to receive additional free information about insurance and insurance law, please complete this form and we will be happy to email that to you. 

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