Our office is connected to a group of core values which we bring to all of our work.  Those values center on respect for our clients and a commitment to work with them as partners to make their lives better.  We approach every case, every client and every problem, mindful of these values.  

  • Broad Conflict Resolution Methods-Every legal problem requires a unique approach.  The resolution may involve a combination of mediation, negotiation, collaborative law or litigation.  We are committed to working with our clients to find the right methods for each situation. 
  • Client Focus and Commitment –As a client focused firm, we strive for excellence in our service and seek to continually exceed our client expectations.
  • Compassion-We approach our cases with compassion for our clients and their suffering, as well as the broader suffering which may be present when parties are engaged in a legal conflict.   
  • Proactive – We employ a proactive approach to save our clients costs and time.  
  • Innovation – We continually challenge ourselves to learn. We value innovation and embrace change both in the processes we use to resolve our cases and in the technology we employ to further those resolutions.
  • Teamwork – We enjoy working with a dynamic team which is individually created in each case.  Our team includes the clients, our firms, and many outside advisers, such as accountants, counselors and financial planners.   


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