On December 7, 2016,  I’ll be joining Howard Zehr for a webinar on Restorative Lawyering.  Restorative Lawyering is a model of practicing law that I have been developing along with colleagues such as Marshall Yoder and Susan Marcus.  Restorative lawyering adopts the guiding principles and values of restorative justice.  In doing so, we look at each situation, problem, or conflict and often start by asking,  “Has there been harm that needs to be addressed?” and “What can be done to make right the wrongs?”  These fundamental questions, central to restorative justice, change the focus from what statute or rule has been violated to what can be done to make things better.  

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This is my new website and it's quite exciting and reflects my evolving law and mediation practice.  I'm an experienced attorney, having graduated from West Virginia University law school in 1987.  I've practiced law consistently since graduation, in both public service and private practice all while raising three children, running four marathons and earning a Master's Degree in Conflict Resolution.  These experiences combine to generate this law and mediation practice, this website and this blog.  My work is centered on conflict resolution and finding the ways to address conflict that work best in each situation.  Throughout this website and in my upcoming blog posts, you will find my stories of my experiences addressing conflict through collaborative law, mediation, restorative justice and in some situations, litigation.  I may be reached at my physical offices located in Leesburg, Virginia and Charles Town, West Virginia,, and also via email, facebook, linked in and twitter.  Please feel free to contact me to learn more the exciting changes in conflict resolution.